Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Fast Five

April 26th: Fast Five

The Fast and Furious crew reunite to clear their names in Mexico.

The fifth film in the Fast And Furious saga that's technically the third film chronologically and the third should be the fifth and I don't really care. Does anyone? If your coming to watch this movie it probably isn't for wonderful performances and intricate storytelling. Good job too. Your either coming to perve over the cast and/or for the action sequences and fast cars. It's not a good film, but it's a fun film.
Vin Diesel and Paul Walker take lead in what is a fourth Oceans movie. Having seen all the other films it was nice to see previous characters getting together for a big "mission". They all fit together nicely. Again none of them delivering fantastic performances, but again they are still fun characters. This movie's secret weapon however is Dwayne The Rock Johnson. Literally taking up the entire screen when on camera but him and his character is what this film is; over the top, fun and massive.
The plot is loosely based around 2 action sequences: one at the beginning with the train from the trailer and one at the end with the safe, again from the trailer. The middle is filled with planning, shoot outs and more planning.

Is it worth seeing. Yes. Will I get on dvd, probably not.

Overall: 7/10
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