Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My Week With Marilyn

My Week With Marilyn

A period drama of the true accounts of a young man and the week he spent on set with Marilyn Monroe and Sir Laurence Olivier.

A wonderful movie. Everything about it just worked lovely. Star of the show, in my eye, goes to Kenneth Branagh. His Olivier is fantastic. He gets across true a true thespian, and every line is delivered with point, purpose and in a spot on accent. Now as much of a thespian and film fanatic as I claim to be, I have yet to watch a Monroe movie, however with little info that I know of her, I thought Michelle Williams gave a really good performance. I think(and hope) that whilst at times we, the audience, are supposed to be annoyed with the character, and that aspect comes across well, but she also shines in moments when are supposed to like her. Eddie Redmayne gets similar all around praise as the man in the middle; Olivier's assistant and Monroe's "friend". Supporting cast also get praise all round, including Dame Judi Dench (who is so awesome) Zoe Wannamaker and Derick Jakobi.

I have only 2 negative things to say about this movie. 1, it does seem to drag on a little bit. The "oh Marilyn isn't on set, go fetch her" bit is used several times and did feel a little long at the end. 2, Emma Watson. Now I am forever in love with her for being so attractive and bringing Hermione to life, but in this I didn't like her. When Tom Felton did the Apes movie he added an accent to his performance, here Emma sounds exactly like she did as Hermione. Now that might have just been the role and her accent was right, but what made it worse was that her delivery of lines was very wooden. I dont mean to be mean as I say/type this but there was one line she has when Colin is about to "claim 2nd base" with her character (Lucy???) and she delivers "In a while, crocodile." so wooden that people, myself included, laughed out loud. I dont want to be mean to her, and i'll go and watch other things just because she's in them, but it was rather bad.

Anyway, there are several funny moments in the film, several shots of Monroe bottom and by the end you feel for all the characters and spite me moaning it was long, left wanting a slither more.

Recommend: definitely

Overall: 8/10

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Monday, November 28, 2011



When a 27 year old is suddenly hit with cancer, he and the people around him must deal with its effects and learn how to come to terms with it.

To quote my friend @tom_reaney "Funny and touching at the same time" just about covers this movie. JGL in the lead, gets across this character that already seems to be living an un-forfilling life, and after he is given the bad news, it doesnt get better(despite being told it will by most of the cast) until right at the end, but no spoilers from me.

Seth Rogen still playing the same character as he usually does, but for the time being its still really funny. There are some really funny moments in this film (including a c-bomb, which for an American film is big, us Brits just watch Guy Ritchie films all the time and are immune), but anyway Rogen on usual top form, even does some good acting towards the end.

Anna Kendrick (although rather hot) sempt like she was doing an impression of Kristen Wiig's kinda character she's always done in her movies, but that aside her character came across very professional, very sincere and deserving if her ending.

There are a lot of long drama like scenes in this. They are needed in the story, but did get rather boring. All the scenes with the older guys doing chemotherapy are great and overall a good movie, just a little slow at times.

Recommend: yes but this is not a comedy.

Overall: 8/10

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Saturday, November 5, 2011


Animated adventure of a young reporter and his pet dog, as they unravel the secrets surrounding the fabled voyage of The Unicorn.

Cheesy, childish, but extreamly enjoyable.

Let me start by saying this is, primarily a kids film. However I loved the film. The animation is absolutely fantastic. There are some points when it could be live action. The 3D wasnt necessary at all. Cast wise, Jamie Bell as Tintin, Andy Serkis as Capt.Haddock and Daniel Craig as the villian. Craig sounded completely different to what he does in other films, but it works more for the villian character.

Story wise, it all flows from place to place well andlinks together action sequences and comedy gold.

On the story though, my cinema buddy summed it up perfectly: TinTin is the adventures of a young Nathen Drake, with Haddock becoming Sully.

Recommend: yes, 2d only though

Overall: 9/10

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