Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Hangover: Part II

May 28th: The Hangover: Part: II

The members of the wolfpack are in Thailand for Stu's wedding and once again forget everything in the worst hangover ever.

After the success of the first film there was no way, we were not going to see this film and damn it doesn't disappoint.

Cast: Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms and Zach Galifianakis return as the 3 man wolf pack from the first film and all three are just as equally on top comedic form. If i have to find fault, it's that the character of Alan (played by Galifinakis) is a little more over the top than in the first one. Now this may be just a script thing, but it isn't enough to say anything really negative. Ken Jeong returns as Mr Chow and is just as funny as the main three. Paul Giamatti's little cameo is also very good. The bad thing to mention in the casting is the lack of Liam Neeson. Now i know he was in London releasing his kraken (and shooting Clash Of The Titans 2) but without him the character of the tattoo artist didn't stand out any more than the other non-mentioned supporting cast.

This is a funny film. I was laughing aloud uncontrollably and sent my fair share of saliva into whoever was sat in front of me's hair. Is it a fantastic film? N0t quite, but is it a top rate comedy? Hell Yes.

Recommend: Definitely
Overall: 9.5/10

Thursday, May 26, 2011


May 25th: Blitz

When a serial cop killer is loose in South London, two detectives have to find out who, before they're next.

Yet another out of the blue cinema trip, but this time i wanted to watch this and it was a good pick.

Jason Statham leads the cast as the bad-ass cop of the station. The character suits Statham to a tee. He was funny, sarcastic, bad-ass and gave a good performance. However the rest cannot be said for the supporting cast. His partner and David Morrisey weren't too bad, but the rest were actually crap. There is a small subplot with a female officer, another detective and a local chav. All their scenes were cringe worthy bad. The story based around them made sense, sometimes they were even funny, but their acting and their dialogue were very wooden. The bad guy annoyed me aswell. But this might have just been his character being portrayed as a mental idiot chav.

There are some very good scenes in this film. It's filled with laugh out loud humour you'd expect from a "Jason Statham" movie, one particular point when he cons a bartender for a free drink.
A good movie, just with a poor supporting cast.

Reccommend: Yes, especially to people who liked Crank, WAR and The Mechanic.
Overall: 7/10

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Win Win

24th May: Win Win

A lawyer who manages the local wrestling team faces a difficuilt finacial time. He finds a solution but is burdened with a client's grandson.

I had no idea this film even existed, but we wanted to go to the cinema and wanted a comedy and with a name like "Win Win" we couldn't resist.

Paul Giamonti leads the cast as the lawyer in question. Now I loved him in Shoot Em Up, but I can't say I've seen him in much else. In this he was good. He was funny, he was down to earth, he was everything the character needed to be when he needed to be it. The only other supporting role I know is Jeffrey Tambor. Similiarly he both gave a good performance and was funny. The rest of the cast was all on top form, including the kids of the wrestling team and the grandson, Kyle.

This film was good and funny in the cinema, but it isn't a straight up comedy. There are some downto earth bits about a man struggling to keep his family and his business together and the morale choices he has to face. Some of those scenes are a real snooze fest, but the scene will change and it's all good again.

Recommend: Sure
Overall: 9/10

Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

May 21st: Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.

Jack Sparrow returns as the lead in a new aquatic voyage to the fountain of youth.

Before I went into this movie, I said it was going to be bad. My friends said it was going to be bad. TRS reviewed it as being bad. It was bad.


The strangest part of the movie is that Jonny Depp is still good. The character of Jack Sparrow was so good in the previous 3 movies that executives decided he needed his own movie. Big mistake. Depp is still funny and provides his usual over the top style to the character. The rest of the cast weren’t as good. Penelope Cruz has yet to wow me in a film. She wasn’t bad in 10 Items Or Less, but still not as good as Morgan Freeman. Ian McShane was better, but still not as good in my eyes. His accent was shaky at times and I just didn’t believe that Blackbeard was the most feared pirate to live. Geoffrey Rush was good. His character fitted in well.

The story for those who don’t know is based on a book of the same name as sub-title. The writers adapted their characters into the story of the book. Sparrow and Barbossa fitted in well I thought, with the rest of the cast being new characters, with the exception of Gibbs. But that the characters fitted in well, didn’t mean the story was good. It wasn’t. Richard Griffiths as King George wants the fountain but so do the Spanish and Geoffrey Rush and Jack Sparrow and it all gets a bit iffy with motives. There is also a subplot between two useless characters that doesn’t hold my interest at all. There were a couple of silly bits that Disney have thrown in for the kids and as level hints to the videogame creators, especially a scene in a wrecked boat that needs stabilising, but was fine while Sparrow is walking around. The movie is also very dark. There is a long while where its night and when the scene changes, it’s a wide shot a mountain in the morning and it physically hurt my eyes to look at it.

The addition of Stephan Graham into the crew was a nice surprise and all the cgi is up to scratch, especially with all the mermaid scenes, but apart from that, it's all very the same thing. Its about 2 and half hours long, which is about 30/45mins too long.

Recommend: Only if you’re a fan of the other 3

Overall: 6/10

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


18th May: Spiderman.

When Peter Parker is bitten by a super-spider he is given superpowers and starts fighting crime.

Most people know I’m more a DC fanboy, but I’m not against Marvel. In fact Thor is one of my top favourite films ever. With Thor and all the newer marvel films getting ready for next years Avengers, I decided to revisit some of the older films, starting with Superman.


Toby Maguire in the lead. A lot of people didn’t like him, but I didn’t mind him. He didn’t deliver an award worthy performance but he didn’t do anything too bad. My thoughts on the character of Peter Parker are similar to Clark Kent, Maguire needed to be more nerdy and more clumsy, he seems to come of too cool for the character.

Whilst I watched this film I posted on my separate tumblr blog, that “Kirsten Dunst would be hot in Spiderman if Emma Stone wasn’t a hotter red head”. She is hot. She does a great job as MJ and looks awesome whilst they do it. Willem Defoe was a good bad guy and James Franco was good as the son. JK Simmons obviously steals the comedic star award, love him and love his character.

No real major fails with the CGI, overall not bad. The story flows along nicely and the supporting cast is pretty sweet, but there’s just something about Spiderman that I just don’t care about. I don’t think it’s a marvel/dc thing as I said I can’t wait for the Avengers, but there is something that I just don’t care for and I don’t know what it is.

The film itself is a good action film, but there’s just something that bores me personally.

Recommend: Yes

Overall: 6/10

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Saturday, May 21, 2011


May: Hanna.

When a little girl is trained from a young age to be a killing machine her skills are put to the test when she must confront her parents killer.

Was over a week I saw this film, so this review might be the worst I ever do.
It was a good thriller. It's no film starring Liam Neeson but it was good.
Ok so I had to Google the main actress, but Saoirse Ronan did a good job. She wasn't Chloe Moretz in Kick Ass, but she was good. Eric Bana was good when he wasn't talking. He trys to do an accent but can't and just sounds like Eric Bana. Cate Blanchet was an ok villian but the runaway favourite was definitely Tom Hollander. His villain was perfect. He had a camp persona and he kept a very calm (until the end) persona, just whistling that tune. Loved it.
The soundtrack annoyed me. I don't care for "dub" or whatever its called. Leave it in the clubs and out of my films. There was a really good use of The Hall Of The Mountain King though.
The film flows well, I liked all the bits with Jason Flemyng and his family, except the part where Hanna and the daughter meet random men and go out.
Worth a watch: definitely.
Overall: 7/10

EDIT: Here is a link to the only good song on the Soundtrack, the song that Tom Hollander was whistling (Thanks to April for finding it <3 )

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Friday, May 20, 2011

Batman Return Of The Joker

May: Batman: Return Of The Joker

Set in the future, long after Bruce Wayne has hung up the cowl and cape and found a replacement. But when his training comes to an end, they are revisited by an enemy long since thought dead: The Joker.

No. Just no. Bruce Wayne is Batman. This new guy isn't Batman. He's far too young and cocky. He wears a Bat-Onesie rather than the cowl and cape. He has jet boots, no grappling hook. Everything about it I didn't like. I did like that Bruce Wayne was an old man and sees his former nemesis and the whole back story to Joker's re-appearance. In fact the best part is a long flash back to Bruce and Joker's final act of evil.
Kevin Conroy just is Batman and is flawless as old Bruce Wayne. The rest of the cast I had no problem with just too many changes in characters.
One for the fans I think, not starter into Batman Animated movies.

Overall: 6/10

Men In Black

19th May: Men In Black

When a NYPD cop is hired by a secret outside the government alien organisation, he must help stop the destruction of Earth.

First off, no Will Smith doesn't work for Torchwood.

The cast in this was really well put together and everything fit in well......except for the star. Will Smith was/is just annoying. Rip Torn and Tommy Lee Jones both were awesome in their roles. Will Smith however, just tried being funny but his comedic style just isn't. He was OK in Hancock but this is just too much. I also didn't recognise Linda Fiorention of Dogma fame until close to the end. Smith aside, the film itself is really good. It's the Torchwood movie, made before Torchwood, not starring John Barrowman and not set in Cardiff.
Yea the CGI is a little dated, but it was made in 97, so its not too bad.
Not a bad film overall, there are some funny bits, there are some good sci-fi moments, just Smith in the lead is pretty poor.

Overall: 6/10

Monday, May 16, 2011

Cedar Rapids

Cedar Rapids

Every year, every insurance company wants to win a prestigious award at an annual retreat. When a set in his ways middle aged man is unexpectedly sent along, hilarity ensues.

This was a surprising good comedy. Ed Helms taking the lead, from his Hangover performance is rather funny. He was funny in The Hangover and he takes the reigns well in this film. The supporting cast is on a similar par. John C Reilly was the biggest surprise. His usual comedic performance is very over the top. It’s toned down enough in this film, to be a good level of funny. Now breaking my rule of looking up names on the internet because I wanted to give him a shout out is Isiah Whitlock Jr. His monotone, wooden performance was really funny. Any one liners he has are hilarious. Can’t say I’ve seen Anne Heche in anything before, but she was good and I liked her character. Sigourney Weaver had a nice small role and Thomas Lennon on usual top cameo form.

The comedy in this is good. In the past I have had bad experience with a comedy with a funny trailer and starring John C Reilly (hint: CYRUS) but this is not that film. It’s funny. Is it comedy gold? No, but definitely a funny film. As this is being posted rather late, most people will probably see this film in a three pack on DVD with the two Hangover films or in a bargain bin, but definitely worth a watch. There’s also a good story woven in between the comedy.

Overall: 7/10

p.s. Not really part of the film review but as a long time Hollywood Babble On listener, a lot of the time I had the Anne Heche’s butt hole song stuck in my head.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Batman/Superman: Apocalypse

14th May: Batman/Superman: Apocalypse

When Superman's cousin crashes to earth, her destiny will soon be decided.

Iv so far not been a fan of the combined efforts of the DC heros. Mainly because I know nothing of the back story of any of the Justice League, except for Batman and some of Superman. But Apocalypse is just Batman, Superman and Wonder-Woman. There are a few other bits, but mainly a safe bet.
Alright the cast is all safe, Kevin Conroy as Batman is a bonus. All the other voice cast was spot on. The animation is also spot on, but this being an official DC movie this is no surprise.

*warning SPOILERS*

The plot. I did have to DC wiki a couple of characters, but after that it all slots into place. There's a nice scene where Clark is showing his cousin around Metropolis and he's laden with clothes, shooing off perks and eating hotdogs. After this scene they talk about how different Gotham is to Metropolis and a few jokes at Batman's dark exterior. Then things are set in place that sets up her going to with Wonder Woman and her kidnap. The whole act set on Apocalypse was good. But then I hated the final act. The scene on Kent's farm with the two kryptonions versus Darkseid. It just seemed like the immovable object versus the unstoppable force. Then the entire farm is flattened, "oh I can rebuild it" just no.

Final note, loved Batman's point that Clark can't afford to repay his computer on a reporter's salary.

Overall: 8/10
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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Gotham Knight

10th May 2011: Gotham Knight

6 mini stories all about The Dark Knight, all drawn in anime style.

Have I Got A Story For You:
The story was good, 4 different recollections of how people see Batman to be, but didn't like the animation.

Good story, the police showing their disomfort towards Batman until he eventually saves their lives. Good Animation.

Field Test:
Batman testing out his gadgets, some of which obvioulsy never make the final cut into the bat-suit. Good story involving the mobsters and Lucious Fox. Good Animation.

In Darkness:
The story was good. Scarecrow setting up in the sewers he's bound to run into Killer Croc and the plot was good. Didn't like the model for Killer Croc, but the overall animation was OK.

Working Through Pain:
This seemed a little out of place. All these stories are set in-between Batman Begins and Dark Knight. This one seems it should have been set before Batman Begins. Bruce Wayne learning to deal with pain. Good Animation.

My favourite of the 6. Batman has to protect Jim Gordon from Deadshot, who has been hired to kill The Dark Knight. Good Animation.

As a whole they are pretty good stories. I like that Kevin Conroy is the recurring voice of Batman, even if his voice looked out of place on Bruce Wayne. I liked all the different interpretations by different artists on Batman. Would i reccommend it? Yes, but only to Batman fans. There are better animated movies with Batman in though.

Overall: 8/10

Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Losers

April: The Losers

A commando group is framed and forced to kill their way back into America.

A crack commando unit was set up by a corrupt politician for a crime they didn't commit. These men promptly escaped from Mexico to the Florida underground. Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as Soldiers Of Fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire... The Losers.

Sound familiar?

Jeffrey Dean Morgan heads up the team as the leader and he did it really well. I can only compare him in this to him in the Watchmen so he was good.
Chris Evans is the communications guy. The comic relief. All his bits are really funny, can't wait to see him in Captain America.
In fact all the losers were good, i did however think the bad guy was a little off. I didn't like his performance and the character was a bit meh.
Any film though that has Black Betty by Ram Jam and Don't Stop Believing by Journey is alright in my book.
Its witty, its fun, but not very original. Definitely worth a watch.

Overall: 7/10

3:10 To Yuma

April: 3:10 To Yuma

When a know bandit is finally captured, a local ex-military farmer must help escort him to the 3:10 train to Yuma prison, but the bandit won't go easiliy with his gang trying to find him.

With my recent dip into westerns, when I saw that Batman(Christian Bale) was in one I had to see it.

Ok so how did Chritian Bale fare. Meh. He was his usual Christian Bale self, but i though to fit the character he was too young. He's supposed tobe ex-military and whatnot but he looked too young.
Russell Crowe as the bandit was good. He gave an intellectual twist on the character, but overall was still only meh.
The rest of the cast was equally meh. Nothing really stood out in this movie, it wasn't bad, it just wasn't that good either. Even the ending was at a balanced meh.

Not my best review of a film, and i apologise.

Overall: 5/10

The Warrior's Way

4th May: The Warrior's Way

When a warrior refuses to kill the last of his enemies, a little girl, he fakes his death and moves to live in the wild west, but soon his past will catch up to him.

This is a fun film. I saw it in the cinema and ordered the bluray there and then so was a surprise when I got the shipped email from amazon. On a revisit, it still holds up.

First off the lead played by Dong-gun Jang is your typical silent ninja type. His acting wasn't fantastic but neither was it bad, but all his comedy comes from his character learning the ropes and protecting the little girl. But when it comes to the action scenes, he knows what he's doing and kicks ass (then cuts it with his sword)
Then there's Geoffrey Rush. At the beginning his character is a bit useless and crap, but towards the end he sobers up and is the west to match Jang's east. Except, you know, he's Geoffrey Rush.
Kate Bosworth was good, but her accent did get a little annoying at times. Danny Hudson I thought was the weak link in this film. He plays the second main antagonist (no spoilers) and I didn't think he was that good. His acting was very wooden, his dialogue was equally wooden, but he was menacing enough for the plot to fit.
There are some good moments in this film and some bad ones. The beginning and the end when Jang is all snickty snickty snooch with his sword is all cool and the cgi is really well done. Theres one bit, i can't remember where, but his sword cuts through the rain drops in the air: awesome. But throughout the film there is a big sense of; this is all shot in green screen. Vivid colours throughout the movie leave a very fake appearance on the movie. There is one scene in particular that was my faveourite. It's a christmas dance where Lynne asks Yang to dance and they go out back and sword fight, but the clashes of the swords are tuned to continue the music from the Sailor's Hornpipe that the rest is dancing to. That scene is on youtube so I'll post the link at the bottom.

Is it a good film: meh. Is it worth watching: definately.

Overall: 7/10

Cool Swordfighting scene

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Fast Five

April 26th: Fast Five

The Fast and Furious crew reunite to clear their names in Mexico.

The fifth film in the Fast And Furious saga that's technically the third film chronologically and the third should be the fifth and I don't really care. Does anyone? If your coming to watch this movie it probably isn't for wonderful performances and intricate storytelling. Good job too. Your either coming to perve over the cast and/or for the action sequences and fast cars. It's not a good film, but it's a fun film.
Vin Diesel and Paul Walker take lead in what is a fourth Oceans movie. Having seen all the other films it was nice to see previous characters getting together for a big "mission". They all fit together nicely. Again none of them delivering fantastic performances, but again they are still fun characters. This movie's secret weapon however is Dwayne The Rock Johnson. Literally taking up the entire screen when on camera but him and his character is what this film is; over the top, fun and massive.
The plot is loosely based around 2 action sequences: one at the beginning with the train from the trailer and one at the end with the safe, again from the trailer. The middle is filled with planning, shoot outs and more planning.

Is it worth seeing. Yes. Will I get on dvd, probably not.

Overall: 7/10
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