Friday, May 20, 2011

Batman Return Of The Joker

May: Batman: Return Of The Joker

Set in the future, long after Bruce Wayne has hung up the cowl and cape and found a replacement. But when his training comes to an end, they are revisited by an enemy long since thought dead: The Joker.

No. Just no. Bruce Wayne is Batman. This new guy isn't Batman. He's far too young and cocky. He wears a Bat-Onesie rather than the cowl and cape. He has jet boots, no grappling hook. Everything about it I didn't like. I did like that Bruce Wayne was an old man and sees his former nemesis and the whole back story to Joker's re-appearance. In fact the best part is a long flash back to Bruce and Joker's final act of evil.
Kevin Conroy just is Batman and is flawless as old Bruce Wayne. The rest of the cast I had no problem with just too many changes in characters.
One for the fans I think, not starter into Batman Animated movies.

Overall: 6/10

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