Saturday, May 21, 2011


May: Hanna.

When a little girl is trained from a young age to be a killing machine her skills are put to the test when she must confront her parents killer.

Was over a week I saw this film, so this review might be the worst I ever do.
It was a good thriller. It's no film starring Liam Neeson but it was good.
Ok so I had to Google the main actress, but Saoirse Ronan did a good job. She wasn't Chloe Moretz in Kick Ass, but she was good. Eric Bana was good when he wasn't talking. He trys to do an accent but can't and just sounds like Eric Bana. Cate Blanchet was an ok villian but the runaway favourite was definitely Tom Hollander. His villain was perfect. He had a camp persona and he kept a very calm (until the end) persona, just whistling that tune. Loved it.
The soundtrack annoyed me. I don't care for "dub" or whatever its called. Leave it in the clubs and out of my films. There was a really good use of The Hall Of The Mountain King though.
The film flows well, I liked all the bits with Jason Flemyng and his family, except the part where Hanna and the daughter meet random men and go out.
Worth a watch: definitely.
Overall: 7/10

EDIT: Here is a link to the only good song on the Soundtrack, the song that Tom Hollander was whistling (Thanks to April for finding it <3 )

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