Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Win Win

24th May: Win Win

A lawyer who manages the local wrestling team faces a difficuilt finacial time. He finds a solution but is burdened with a client's grandson.

I had no idea this film even existed, but we wanted to go to the cinema and wanted a comedy and with a name like "Win Win" we couldn't resist.

Paul Giamonti leads the cast as the lawyer in question. Now I loved him in Shoot Em Up, but I can't say I've seen him in much else. In this he was good. He was funny, he was down to earth, he was everything the character needed to be when he needed to be it. The only other supporting role I know is Jeffrey Tambor. Similiarly he both gave a good performance and was funny. The rest of the cast was all on top form, including the kids of the wrestling team and the grandson, Kyle.

This film was good and funny in the cinema, but it isn't a straight up comedy. There are some downto earth bits about a man struggling to keep his family and his business together and the morale choices he has to face. Some of those scenes are a real snooze fest, but the scene will change and it's all good again.

Recommend: Sure
Overall: 9/10

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