Saturday, May 14, 2011

Batman/Superman: Apocalypse

14th May: Batman/Superman: Apocalypse

When Superman's cousin crashes to earth, her destiny will soon be decided.

Iv so far not been a fan of the combined efforts of the DC heros. Mainly because I know nothing of the back story of any of the Justice League, except for Batman and some of Superman. But Apocalypse is just Batman, Superman and Wonder-Woman. There are a few other bits, but mainly a safe bet.
Alright the cast is all safe, Kevin Conroy as Batman is a bonus. All the other voice cast was spot on. The animation is also spot on, but this being an official DC movie this is no surprise.

*warning SPOILERS*

The plot. I did have to DC wiki a couple of characters, but after that it all slots into place. There's a nice scene where Clark is showing his cousin around Metropolis and he's laden with clothes, shooing off perks and eating hotdogs. After this scene they talk about how different Gotham is to Metropolis and a few jokes at Batman's dark exterior. Then things are set in place that sets up her going to with Wonder Woman and her kidnap. The whole act set on Apocalypse was good. But then I hated the final act. The scene on Kent's farm with the two kryptonions versus Darkseid. It just seemed like the immovable object versus the unstoppable force. Then the entire farm is flattened, "oh I can rebuild it" just no.

Final note, loved Batman's point that Clark can't afford to repay his computer on a reporter's salary.

Overall: 8/10
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