Thursday, May 26, 2011


May 25th: Blitz

When a serial cop killer is loose in South London, two detectives have to find out who, before they're next.

Yet another out of the blue cinema trip, but this time i wanted to watch this and it was a good pick.

Jason Statham leads the cast as the bad-ass cop of the station. The character suits Statham to a tee. He was funny, sarcastic, bad-ass and gave a good performance. However the rest cannot be said for the supporting cast. His partner and David Morrisey weren't too bad, but the rest were actually crap. There is a small subplot with a female officer, another detective and a local chav. All their scenes were cringe worthy bad. The story based around them made sense, sometimes they were even funny, but their acting and their dialogue were very wooden. The bad guy annoyed me aswell. But this might have just been his character being portrayed as a mental idiot chav.

There are some very good scenes in this film. It's filled with laugh out loud humour you'd expect from a "Jason Statham" movie, one particular point when he cons a bartender for a free drink.
A good movie, just with a poor supporting cast.

Reccommend: Yes, especially to people who liked Crank, WAR and The Mechanic.
Overall: 7/10

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