Thursday, May 12, 2011

Gotham Knight

10th May 2011: Gotham Knight

6 mini stories all about The Dark Knight, all drawn in anime style.

Have I Got A Story For You:
The story was good, 4 different recollections of how people see Batman to be, but didn't like the animation.

Good story, the police showing their disomfort towards Batman until he eventually saves their lives. Good Animation.

Field Test:
Batman testing out his gadgets, some of which obvioulsy never make the final cut into the bat-suit. Good story involving the mobsters and Lucious Fox. Good Animation.

In Darkness:
The story was good. Scarecrow setting up in the sewers he's bound to run into Killer Croc and the plot was good. Didn't like the model for Killer Croc, but the overall animation was OK.

Working Through Pain:
This seemed a little out of place. All these stories are set in-between Batman Begins and Dark Knight. This one seems it should have been set before Batman Begins. Bruce Wayne learning to deal with pain. Good Animation.

My favourite of the 6. Batman has to protect Jim Gordon from Deadshot, who has been hired to kill The Dark Knight. Good Animation.

As a whole they are pretty good stories. I like that Kevin Conroy is the recurring voice of Batman, even if his voice looked out of place on Bruce Wayne. I liked all the different interpretations by different artists on Batman. Would i reccommend it? Yes, but only to Batman fans. There are better animated movies with Batman in though.

Overall: 8/10

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