Friday, May 20, 2011

Men In Black

19th May: Men In Black

When a NYPD cop is hired by a secret outside the government alien organisation, he must help stop the destruction of Earth.

First off, no Will Smith doesn't work for Torchwood.

The cast in this was really well put together and everything fit in well......except for the star. Will Smith was/is just annoying. Rip Torn and Tommy Lee Jones both were awesome in their roles. Will Smith however, just tried being funny but his comedic style just isn't. He was OK in Hancock but this is just too much. I also didn't recognise Linda Fiorention of Dogma fame until close to the end. Smith aside, the film itself is really good. It's the Torchwood movie, made before Torchwood, not starring John Barrowman and not set in Cardiff.
Yea the CGI is a little dated, but it was made in 97, so its not too bad.
Not a bad film overall, there are some funny bits, there are some good sci-fi moments, just Smith in the lead is pretty poor.

Overall: 6/10

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