Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Warrior's Way

4th May: The Warrior's Way

When a warrior refuses to kill the last of his enemies, a little girl, he fakes his death and moves to live in the wild west, but soon his past will catch up to him.

This is a fun film. I saw it in the cinema and ordered the bluray there and then so was a surprise when I got the shipped email from amazon. On a revisit, it still holds up.

First off the lead played by Dong-gun Jang is your typical silent ninja type. His acting wasn't fantastic but neither was it bad, but all his comedy comes from his character learning the ropes and protecting the little girl. But when it comes to the action scenes, he knows what he's doing and kicks ass (then cuts it with his sword)
Then there's Geoffrey Rush. At the beginning his character is a bit useless and crap, but towards the end he sobers up and is the west to match Jang's east. Except, you know, he's Geoffrey Rush.
Kate Bosworth was good, but her accent did get a little annoying at times. Danny Hudson I thought was the weak link in this film. He plays the second main antagonist (no spoilers) and I didn't think he was that good. His acting was very wooden, his dialogue was equally wooden, but he was menacing enough for the plot to fit.
There are some good moments in this film and some bad ones. The beginning and the end when Jang is all snickty snickty snooch with his sword is all cool and the cgi is really well done. Theres one bit, i can't remember where, but his sword cuts through the rain drops in the air: awesome. But throughout the film there is a big sense of; this is all shot in green screen. Vivid colours throughout the movie leave a very fake appearance on the movie. There is one scene in particular that was my faveourite. It's a christmas dance where Lynne asks Yang to dance and they go out back and sword fight, but the clashes of the swords are tuned to continue the music from the Sailor's Hornpipe that the rest is dancing to. That scene is on youtube so I'll post the link at the bottom.

Is it a good film: meh. Is it worth watching: definately.

Overall: 7/10

Cool Swordfighting scene

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