Monday, May 16, 2011

Cedar Rapids

Cedar Rapids

Every year, every insurance company wants to win a prestigious award at an annual retreat. When a set in his ways middle aged man is unexpectedly sent along, hilarity ensues.

This was a surprising good comedy. Ed Helms taking the lead, from his Hangover performance is rather funny. He was funny in The Hangover and he takes the reigns well in this film. The supporting cast is on a similar par. John C Reilly was the biggest surprise. His usual comedic performance is very over the top. It’s toned down enough in this film, to be a good level of funny. Now breaking my rule of looking up names on the internet because I wanted to give him a shout out is Isiah Whitlock Jr. His monotone, wooden performance was really funny. Any one liners he has are hilarious. Can’t say I’ve seen Anne Heche in anything before, but she was good and I liked her character. Sigourney Weaver had a nice small role and Thomas Lennon on usual top cameo form.

The comedy in this is good. In the past I have had bad experience with a comedy with a funny trailer and starring John C Reilly (hint: CYRUS) but this is not that film. It’s funny. Is it comedy gold? No, but definitely a funny film. As this is being posted rather late, most people will probably see this film in a three pack on DVD with the two Hangover films or in a bargain bin, but definitely worth a watch. There’s also a good story woven in between the comedy.

Overall: 7/10

p.s. Not really part of the film review but as a long time Hollywood Babble On listener, a lot of the time I had the Anne Heche’s butt hole song stuck in my head.

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