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When a 27 year old is suddenly hit with cancer, he and the people around him must deal with its effects and learn how to come to terms with it.

To quote my friend @tom_reaney "Funny and touching at the same time" just about covers this movie. JGL in the lead, gets across this character that already seems to be living an un-forfilling life, and after he is given the bad news, it doesnt get better(despite being told it will by most of the cast) until right at the end, but no spoilers from me.

Seth Rogen still playing the same character as he usually does, but for the time being its still really funny. There are some really funny moments in this film (including a c-bomb, which for an American film is big, us Brits just watch Guy Ritchie films all the time and are immune), but anyway Rogen on usual top form, even does some good acting towards the end.

Anna Kendrick (although rather hot) sempt like she was doing an impression of Kristen Wiig's kinda character she's always done in her movies, but that aside her character came across very professional, very sincere and deserving if her ending.

There are a lot of long drama like scenes in this. They are needed in the story, but did get rather boring. All the scenes with the older guys doing chemotherapy are great and overall a good movie, just a little slow at times.

Recommend: yes but this is not a comedy.

Overall: 8/10

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