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30th April: Thor

From norse mythology comes Thor, Son of Odin. He is cast out of his homeland to Earth and forced to live a mortal life.

This is probably the best film iv seen at the cinema this year. Even though I know nothing of the comic lore, it is fantastically presented.
Ok cast. Chris Hemsworth is awesome. He goes from Australian soap Home and Away to Star Trek to the lead in Thor. He gives a performance just dripping in talent. From the way he speaks to the way he moves, I may have a new man-crush, move aside Barrowman. But on the other hand is Natalie Portman. Looking at her past movies Natalie Portman is either really good or terrible. Luckily in this she is on top form. Wearing a little more clothing than she did in Your Highness, but gave a far better performance, playing with subtle humour and just good all round. I'm not sure that an over-weight ameture thespian can comment on Anthony Hopkins, so I shall simply say that every scene with him is no less than one would expect from him. Then there's the supporting cast. Not a weak link in them. I cant think of anyone by name but the character of Volstagg was my personal favourite.
The action sequences in this film are just as jaw dropping as the actors in them. From the early scenes with Thor's full potential, to the anger filled fights down on Earth. Specifically every time he uses Mjolnir.
The story, as a first time introduced to Marvel's Thor, flows well and everything is spelled out nicely.
There is one cgi fail that stays in my mind, when the giant metallic guardian (dont worry the one from the trailer) hits Thor. It's the only cgi fail that stuck in my mind, the rest of the film is pure comic fanboy goodness.
Not to forget Stan Lee's cameo and the after the credits scene. I'll not go into either of them but Marvel's two film trademarks are present (three if you want to include the addition of Agent Coleson)

A must see this Summer.

Overall: 10/10
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