Saturday, April 23, 2011


23rd April: Arthur

A spoilt rich man learns the difference between a life of money and a life of love.

Russell Brand was unusually funny and bearable. Now I havn't seen the original but his style of acting/comedy suits the character perfectly. He does occasionally talk a little to fast and does it in a few movies, but its bearable. The film is cluttered with Batman related humour and even features The Deloreon. Very funny all round. However the story can get a little tiresome at times, but the one to bring it back is usually Helen Miran. Love her. As the nanny to Arthur she is fabulous and the only one to control him. There is a real connection between these two characters that comes off really well.
Jennifer Garner was nice to look at.and even though not a nice character, she wasn't too bad. Greta Gerwig a sexy newcomer to my attention.

Not a brilliant film, but definitely a better comedy than Your Highness atm.

Overall: 8/10
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