Thursday, April 14, 2011

Leon: The Professional

When a teenager's parents are murdered, she is reluctantly raised by a shy neighbour, who turns out to be a hitman. As she teaches him life skills, he teachers her how to kill.

This film was recommended to me by a friend and I had doubts about it before i watched it. However within the first the first half hour i was in. I was hooked. I knew this was going to be a good film.
The cast. Natalie Portman's first ever film at the age 12, and here i am aged 20 still having no idea what I'm doing on a local theatre. This chick knocked it out of the park. Watching her in this film, kinda makes me like Chloe Moretz less, because Portman did it first. She nailed every scene and i loved it. Jean Reno. Now i loved his performance, however i don't think i like the way he speaks. Now i know he's French/Italian and in this film it's excusable, but if this film wasn't as good as it is, I'd probably found it more annoying. I've liked him in other smaller roles, but i don't think I'd like to see another with him as the lead. But let me say again, in this film he was fab. I knew Gary Oldman was in this film, but it wasn't until a little later in the film when i actually realised he was the bad guy. It was during the bit where he was talking about Beethoven and Mozart. Either way loved him. Especially during the end when he asks his lieutenant to bring everyone and he's like "EVERYONE!!!!!!"
The story i loved. The whole bits with Portman teaching Reno how to read, write and even sleep in a bed. Absolutely awesome. I particularly liked the scene where they dess up and guess who's who. That Reno knew no-one until the callback to him watching Singing In The Rain (and that bit in itself was really good too. After he's just killed a load of guys and finished his job, he goes to the cinema. If i was a killer, it's what i'd do).
I came close but just about held off tears towards the end, it was a really good ending.
The transition to BluRay was also done really well, i'm noyt sure of what the original looked like,but the bluray quality was perfect.

Overall: 10/10

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