Saturday, April 9, 2011

Source Code

9th April: Source Code

A army pilot is given a glimpse into the last 8mins of a civilian's life in order to stop a bomb.

A poor description of the film, but hard to give one without using spoilers. Either way a fantastic movie.
The plot: you think you've got it sussed from the trailer but something happens, then something else and keeps you guessing right up to the end. Im not going to go into too much detail as its a really good film, but the twists were really good. However there was something that I picked up on that was mentioned on TRS. The main character, played Jake Gyllenhaal is too dumb. I say that as he is constantly told throughout the film, and on the trailer, that what happens in source code, stays in source code. It's just a reflection of what might be, he then constantly says that he can save people and I got rather annoyed by his lack of understanding of this. Without saying top much for the ending, it all works out and is very ingenious.
The actors were all alright. There wasn't an Oscar worthy performance but nothing to complain about.

Overall: 9/10
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