Saturday, March 5, 2011


5th March: Unknown.

A man travels to Berlin and is in an accident. He believes a life that isn't true and has to find his true identity.

"Liam Neeson is rapidly becoming Liam Neeson" this is a quote one of my friends said after this film and I don't think its a bad thing. True this film on the outside is a sequel to Taken, and in a way it is, but either way, its good. It's a different prospective in that instead of it being a psychological thriller of him thinking something new up, its the world around him has changed. I'll not ruin the story, but it does keep you guessing until the end. The action flowed well in-between the psychological bits: an average car chase, a couple fist fights and running everywhere. Liam "release the kraken" Neeson in the leading role and as said before, he's become 'Liam Neeson'. To quote TRS, he's become what Harrison Ford was. Playing similar leading roles in average but awesome movies. Another thing TRS said which I noticed and instantly agreed with, was when he says to do an internet search for him. That makes perfect sense to me. If I'd been kidnapped or an identity crisis, I'd immediately Google my many social network sites to prove who I was. The rest of the cast all did well too, I'm not sure of any of their names, but they were all good, especially the guy who played the retired spy.

Overall: 8/10
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