Thursday, March 17, 2011

Crazy Heart

17th March: Crazy Heart

An old country star is touring when he meets a journalist, who changes his life.

I loved half this movie and hated the other half. This is weird but here we go: I loved the cast but hated the story. Jeff Bridges can do no wrong, Maggie Gyllenhaal was good and hot, Colin Farrell was good and Robert Duvall has a nice cameo, but I still hated the story. First off it seems weird to me the age gap between Maggie and Jeff, just seemed a bit strange. That Jeff Bridges manages to do nothing the entire film and still have me love it, is worthy of the Oscar he won. The music. Now as far as I am aware thus isn't a bio-documentary like Walk The Line, and I didn't know any of the songs in the film. Now that might just be my fault, and although it was awesome to see/hear Jeff Bridges sing, I didn't know the songs, why I was bored half the film.
*possible spoiler*
The fact he says he hates Colin Farrell and then just for the money says he'll sing with him, I know the character is desperate but that made no sense to me.
I did love one of the opening scenes where Bridges is in a very familiar looking bowling ally :-)
I'm having a hard time coming up with an overall score for it.

Overall: 6/10

Edit: 6/4/11

I'v been listening to the soundtrack since i saw this movie and i have to say I LOVE IT! This film would probably score a 7 or an 8 now. I love all of Jeff Bridges songs (Fallin and Flying is my fave, especially the one featuring Colin Farrell)
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  1. Jeff Bridges gives my favorite performance of his ever in this movie. He becomes "Bad Blake." I've already told my wife that Maggie Gyllenhall is my first choice for stepmother to our children should something ever happen to her.:) Gyllenhall's performance was certainly Oscar-worthy as well. T-Bone Burnett is the genius of our time in putting together soundtracks of "roots music" for movies (see "O Brother, Where Art Thou?"). Having Robert Duvall, the star of my absolute favorite movie of all time, in the cast in a small but crucial role just puts the cherry on top of thie fantastic movie.