Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Star Trek: Generations

28th March: Star Trek Generations

The first film to star the Next Generation crew, but a final appearance by the legend that is Captain James T Kirk.

I used to always say that Voyage Home was my favourite Trek movie, but now I'm not sure. Having actually seen some of the series' before watching this time, more bits made sense and I understood characters more. However having only seen the first season of Next Generation, some bits still illuded me, but I'll get there eventually. I love the beginning. Scotty and Chekov reunite for a final time to send off Alan Ruck's new Enterprise. Then everything with Generation crew. My favourite bit of this movie was when the Enterprise splits the disk and is about to crash, the camera focuses on Data and with his burnt emotion chip, he simply says: "Oh Shit!". Loved it. Then the whole business with the Nexus obviously immediately made me pay attention with William Shatner's re-appearance. I loved the scene where Jean Luc is trying to convice Kirk that non of it is real, but he is just focused on making an omlette.


Then of course theres the matter of when they do return to Jean Luc's present day and stop Soran. Kirk's death I feel was OK. I know a lot of fans hated the idea of killing him off, but i understood. Kirk had to pass on the torch and he did it and happened to save an entire solar system at the same time, very Kirk. Not quite as awesome last lines as Spock; "It was fun" VS "I have been and always shall be, your friend. Live long and prosper"

Overall: 9/10

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