Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Others

29th March: The Others

A woman who lives in an old house with her two children thinks that her family home is haunted when three strangers appear at her door.

Not my usual kinda film, but it came with a high recommendation. I'll be honest, up until the major plot twists at the end, I found it rather boring. Nicole Kidman gave a good performance, but i wasn't too bothered with the story as nothing was revealed at all until the giant climax at the end. Usually bits are trickled down, sprinkling bits of facts to sweeten the experience, but with this, i don't think i knew anymore than i did at the beginning of the film. That been said I did say there was a climax.

*!!MAJOR SPOILER: Do not read further unless you have seen the film!!!!!!*

Everything from when the curtains are taken away, grabbed my interest. I was intrigued to finally find out what actually was going on in this house. Then the children find the servants graves?! OMG. Maybe because I like to see the good in films i watch, but i did not see that coming. The creepy walk that the three of them do freaked me out. Then the next scene back in the children's room. I literally shouted 'no' at the TV when i found out. Suddenly the entire film makes sense, everything clicks and this film becomes genius.

The cast all gave a good performance, Christopher Ecclestone was good, that was another nice moment, when she met him in the fog, but when he didn't do anything back home, i got bored again. I don't know her name, but the woman who played Daniel Farady's Mother in Lost, was good in this, being cruel to be kind.

A weird but eventually satisfying movie.

Overall: 7/10

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