Tuesday, March 15, 2011


14th March: Timeline

A team of archaeologists are given a once in a lifetime opertunity to go back in time and see the place they have been digging up

I saw this movie a while ago and decided that it was due for a rewatch. Now that i (think) i know more about movies, i don't think this movie has stood the test of time as others have. Paul Walker is annoying. I don't know what it is specifically, whether it be his acting or his accent, something doesn't work. Gerrard Butler was OK. The only film iv seen him in pre-300 , but he wasn't bad. Billy Connolly was great. He didn't play his part for laughs and his actual acting ability comes through. Same with Martin Sheen. Now i know of Martin Sheen and i know some of his work, but i've never actually seen him do any of them and this was a good performance by him. Finally I love David Thewlis in every role he does and although not in this movie as much, he is stil on top form.

*Possible Spoilers*

Now although iv given most of the cast a good review, the plot itself is a bit flimsy. Going back in time i get and love, however the fact they speak English and still claim to be Scottish, which the English are still at war with made no sense. Then the English don't kill them, like they kill the French on site and, personally it falls apart. Now the group have 3 marines with them, the best of their team and one takes a grenade with him, even though he's told not to and blows up the time machine. So much for the best, WTF??!! Then they can send a camera back and retrieve it, but a person can get stuck in the past....i don't know.

The action sequences were alright and a kind of justice and personal satisfaction (for the characters) is achived at the end.

Overall: 5/10

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