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When a down on his luck writer is given a pill that allows him to fully concentrate his mind of tasks at hand, he becomes a financial genius, but at what cost?

When this movie finished i turned to my friend and said "I'm still not sure if i liked what i just saw" and I'm still not sure. It seems a good idea that the film has but the execution is wrong.
Bradley Cooper leads the movie, which may contribute to my unsureness. If the movie was lead by an actor i like, say Jason Statham or Liam Neeson, i may have thought this was a far superior film. However we are made to do with Bradley Cooper. Other than him and Robert DE Niro, i cant say i recognise any of the other cast.
It started good, with hm discovering what he could do while on the pill, but when other plot stuff was added i just didn't care anymore.
The way the pill works, is that you are given a photographic memory that is 100% accurate. It seemed very coincidental that he had once seen things that allowed him to become who he was at the end of the film. That he happened to meet the one guy to get him a job in the right industry so that he just happened to catch the eye of the most important man in the trade and be able to get a job with them all with no training. I know the pill is good, but i wasn't convinced.
Although i slated him earlier, Bradley Cooper wasn't bad as the lead, but as i said didn't aid my opinion of the movie. Robert De Niro was good. He popped up quite a few times during the movie, even if the bit in the trailer was cut a bit down.

Overall: 6/10

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