Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Batman And Superman: Public Enemies

29th March: Batman and Superman: Public Enemies

Lex Luthor is voted President of the USA and when a huge Kryptonite meteor is heading for earth, Superman and Batman must do what they do best: Save the day.

Ok so after last week's Under The Red Hood, I decided i wanted to watch more of these Batman animated movies and having just finshed the original Superman movies, this animated film seemed a logical watch.
Apart from not knowing hardly any of the supporting characters due to a lack of overall DC knowledge, I liked it. It featured Kevin Conroy returning to voice the Dark Knight and the only other cast member I know of was John C Mcginley, who played Metallo. All the voice cast was good. I did think that with Lex Luthor as the primary villian, the story line did tip slightly towards the Supeman side rather than Batman, but it was still a good watch. The animation is all done perfectly. Its these kind of movies that makes me wonder why we bother with 3D animated movies.

Overall: 8/10

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