Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ferris Bueller's Day Off

18th March: Ferris Bueller's Day Off

A teenager decides to skip school and have an epic day in the city with his best friend and his girlfriend.

What's to review? This film is awesome. If Charlie Sheen (who cameos in the movie) is winning his life, then John Hughes definitely won his "9 times" over.
Matthew Broderick in the title role is perfect. The way he changes his performance in character, the way he casually breaks the fourth wall and his general awesomeness. I love the bad guy in this movie "9 times" is a classic quote. Alan Ruck as Carman is also a classic performance.
You really get emotionally attached to the characters. With Ferris at the end chase and with Cameron anytime the car is involved.
As Emma Stone says in Easy A: what's with the musical number in the middle of the film? It was random and not sure why lip sync'ed but it was fun I suppose.

I am going to praise my fave 30ish seconds from the film so POSSIBLE SPOILER. When they steal the car and to the Star Wars theme tune, get air in slow mo and drive off into the distance. It was short but ticked my nerd box.

The more John Hughes I rewatch the more I see how much Kevin Smith likes his films.

If I had to slate this film, I don't know where abouts but I feel its about 10 mins too long. Might not sound like much but I checked the time at 1.30 and i think its 1.40 long (times are an estimation)

Overall: 9/10
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