Thursday, March 10, 2011

Superman II:The Richard Donner Cut

8th March: Superman II:The Richard Donner Cut

Superman finally gets close to Lois Lane, when three criminals from Krypton are accidentally released and decide to take Earth for their own.

Now i'm not sure which bits are part of the director's cut as this was my first viewing of Superman II, but it all sempt good to me.
Christopher Reeve just was Superman. I like Brandon Routh and i'm sure new guy will be good too, but he was first and that means everything. Also stealing the title from Kevin Spacey, is my new fave Lex Luthor, Gene Hackman. My fave bit of the movie was when Lex is laid on some filing cabinets and Jimmy brings the chief a coffee, Lex steals it, when Jimmy says the coffee is for the chief, Lex says "The chief has it" love it.
Terrance Stamp as Zod, i mean i'v wanted to see this since i first saw Mallrats "SON OF JOR-EL, KNEEL BEFORE ZOD! SNOOCHIE BOOCHIES" Didn't disapoint.
However i do have issue with something. I didn't see the point of the other two criminals. The film would have worked just as well if it had been Zod on his own. The other two were useless. Didn't do anything other than follow him around, kinda like Tristan from the Yu-Gi-Oh anime, he does nothing but chearlead everything.
The film was good, but not as eye opening as the first.

Overall: 7/10

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