Saturday, February 12, 2011

True Grit

12th February: True Grit

A young girl is on the hunt for her father's killer and with the help of a texas ranger and a local marshal to help her she's ready for revenge.

10/10 do i need to say any more? I do? Fine:
Obviously LOVED this film. From to start to finish, it's flawless. First, Jeff Bridges, once you get passed the occassionally annoying, but right for the character slurring of every 3rd word he says, is the best performance since The Dude. His comedic dialogue and performance, mixed with a "sage" like wisdom of a pro, makes you love the character more, each time he's on screen. Hailee Steinfeld, the unmentioned, star of this film, is fantastic. The fact that she actually is 14 just adds her more awesome points. I usually hate child actors, but her performance was flawless. If anything she needed a Lead Actress nomination rather than Supporting. Now I'm no fan of Matt Damon. The Bourne movies and a lot of his other movies bore me (Except Dogma and Good Will Hunting) but i did enjoy him in this. He went toe to toe with Bridges for both the comedic and the serious. *Spoiler* There is a scene were he and Bridges are firing at bread that they throw and that they both hit them perfectly all the time, mirrors their perfoamance. I'm going to directly quote one of the things i said whilst walking out of the movie: "To put Josh Brolin on the poster and say he's a main star is the same as when Ben Affleck was on the poster for Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back" Similarly with Liam Neeson in The Next Three Days. He is only in a bit towards the end and thats its. What he did was fine, he's the main guy he whole plot line is wrapped around, but i did feel ver so slightly cheated at that.

The Coen Brothers have done it again. Love the film. I'd watch it again if anyone wants to see it again and it will definately be a bluray purchase.

Overall: 10/10

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  1. I never saw the original, but when I saw the previews for this, with the Coen Brothers and Jeff Bridges, I thought it a surefire winner. Man was I wrong. The story was boring and one dimensional, no character development, and with the exception of Bridges poor acting (particularly the girl, who basically just recited her lines with zero emotion). The only decent part were the visuals, and the scenes of violence were very realistic with little editing.