Friday, February 4, 2011


4th February: Cars.

A race car gets abandoned in a slow town far from the bright race track lights and learns there's more to life than racing.

*possible spoilers*

Cars is a beautiful movie. Iv said this with every Pixar flick, but this IS Pixar at it best. It's the Dark Knight of Disney Pixar: great cast, story, animation, everything. I want to mention real quick that I loved Jeremy Clarkson's cameo as Lightning's agent. GENIUS casting, he needs to be in more movie cameos I feel.
There are 3 scenes I want to mention specifically, so kinda spoilers if you havnt seen it. First is the flash back scene in the middle of the film. When they show the town in its hay day and slowly merge back to present day is just awesome and at that point in the movie you really feel for the characters and the town. Second is the end, so again spoiler. When he doesn't finish the race and goes back to save the King blue car. Awesome. It's exactly the cheesy thing that's show to kids in every Disney movie, but here it worked so much better. Lightning had been working up to this the whole film and he bails for the higher glory of selflessness. Third is the bit during the credits with the Pixar movies as cars. Comedic Genius. The original actors reprising their roles and John Ratzenburger's comments on his voice in every movie had me lol'ing

Overall: 10
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