Friday, February 18, 2011

Just Go with It

In order to cover up a lie he told to his girlfriend, a plastic surgeon convinces his assistant to pose as his to-be-ex-wife and takes them all on holiday to Hawaii.

Before i saw this movie, i did the worst thing you can do and i watched the trailer literally like 2 hours before. My expectations were immediately lowered. I thought that it was going to be another Adam Sandler playing a douche and Jenniffer Aniston playing the hot girl. It isn't. Adam Sandler was actually rather good. Not Little Nicky good, but better than usual these days. He wasn't over the top funny, but when a comedic moment happened they were funny. Jennifer Aniston wasn't the obvious hot girl of the movie (Brooklyn Decker took that role) but rather she played the hot girl ninja. Springing her hotness on you when you least expect it.
She was also rather funny and enjoyable to watch as an actress. Nick Swardson is one of my favourite comedic actors. Ever since i saw him in Benchwarmers, he's been cropping up in films and making me laugh ever since, and this is no exception.

The story itself was alright, a little drawn out at times, I think it could have been just as good as 90 min movie rather than just short of 2 hours. It's a alright rom com, an alright comedy, a good film for fans of the cast and definately "better than Cyrus"

Overall: 6/10

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