Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Fighter

5th February: The Fighter

A story of two boxing brothers. One who is just trying to be as good as possible for his family whilst his brother struggles with a drug addiction.

This movie started out pretty slow and about half way through the film i turned to my friend and said "this is becoming another Cyrus*" but i had spoke too soon as the film did get better as it concluded. I though Mark Wahlberg was really good in this movie and is his best movie since The Departed. Christian Bale was good too, even if his character got a bit annoying at times, there wasn't a single low voiced growl of "i'm batman" so all good. The movie however starts realy slow and fails to rise until after the half way point. That said however, during all the fight scenes you are there. Your there, sat next to the ring(?) and watching this person you know fight. You get a real sense of support for the character. You (or at least i did) find yourself wanting to get up and shout "punch him" you get sucked in. The non-fighting bits however were sadly slightly boring. A good film i think, but not ah-mazing. I did however love Amy Adams and not just because of her cleavage. I thought she gave the best performance of the movie.

Overall: 6/10

*Cyrus- a film that had really good reviews but we all thought was crap

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