Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sweet Home Alabama

22nd February: Sweet Home Alabama

A former country girl has made it big in the big city. When her boyfriend proposes, she has to go back to Alabama and get a divorce from her childhood sweetheart.


I could literally watch Reese Witherspoon recite the phone book. She hot and her southern accent gets me every time (especially in Walk The Line) However, after the beginning of the movie and we see how happy she is, I felt sorry for her character in being plunged into a decision between the two men (I cant remember their names, but both had fine performances) and by the end I wasn't too happy that true love prevailed and she goes with the childhood current husband. Her life was so better when she was in New York and with the other guy. True love prevailing wasn't a good thing in this instance, I don't think.

But story bashing aside, it was funny, it wasn't too long and very watch able. Did i mention Reese Witherspoon is hot? She is.

Overall: 6/10

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