Monday, February 14, 2011

Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

14th February: Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

Please note, this is the 1979 version, not the 2009 film.

After 20 years the original USS-Enterprise crew assemble on a refurbished ship to stop a force heading for earth.

I'm not sure if I liked this film on its rewatch after watching the 3 Original Series. The first half with everyone reuniting and getting the Enterprise ready is really good. You can see the 20 years in every character, especially Scotty's tash. There's a lovely bit where Kirk is in a shuttlecraft with Scotty and he sees the Enterprise for the first time and he just looks up at her.
The second half however, the plot of the movie, fell short I thought. The idea was nice but I just wasn't sure about it. I had to finish the film in 2 viewings, as I got a bit bored in the middle. Now, maybe this is all because instead of 20 years between the series and the movie I had about 20 hours, I don't know, but I do remember loving it the first time round and I don't think I regret watching it

Overall: 7/10
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