Thursday, January 13, 2011


12th January: Up

Yes another late bloomer with first viewing of Up.

A man who is about to loose everything takes his houe on his childhood adventure. With a wilderness scout, talking dog and 10ft bird in tow, thy explore the unexplored area of South America: Paradise Falls.

So within the first 11 minutes of this film i was almost in tears. No spoilers, but its heartbraking. The rest of the film is still an emotional rollercoster. Now obviously this is an animated movie, by Disney Pixar, but i still found myself literally laughing out loud at some of the humour. One line i can remember me laughing at was "It's South America, It's like America, but SOUTH!" Obviously reading it here doesnt do it comedic justice, but the film is very funny, very heartwarming and a good watch.

Without looking them Up (lol), which i don't like doingwith these blogs, i want all the info to have come from my own mind, i don't know any of the voice cast just by their voice, other than the Pixar stamp of approval by John Ratzenberg, who cameos at the beginning. But being Pixar every voice worked. Every character looked sweet. I can find no flaw with this movie really, except for obviously it being a "kids" movie, but that didn't stop me enjoying it.

overall: 9/10

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