Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Repo! The Genetic Opera

23rd January: Repo! The Genetic Opera

A rock musical where organ repossession is legal and one girl, with a blood defect, finds out the truth about her over-protective father.

Not my first viewing if this film, and won't be the last. This film, even for a musical, is like nothing iv ever watched.
First the cast. Star of the show in my opinion is Anthony Head. Not only is he an awesome actor, but this guy can sing. The way he becomes not only the character if Nathan, but they way he tweaks his performance by acting and singing to suit the in-character character of the Repo Man. Alexa Vega as his daughter also gave a fab performance, that and she's hawt! Paul Sorvino, Rotti Largo, the head and founder of the repossession company, although I hadn't seen him before gave an equally good performance. I did like everyone's acting and singing in this film, except Rotti's three children. The two sons are constantly annoying and I didn't care much for when they sang. The daughter, played by Paris Hilton, is easier of the eyes defiantly, but not high quality as the rest of the cast.
Now as mentioned, this is a musical. A rock-opera. Don't let the name fool you, iv had the soundtrack a while and know all the songs off by heart; they are good. Not your regular musical "happy happy" stuff, its about killing, drug abuse and rebellion. 'Let The Monster Rise' is by far my favourite song, but they all for well within the story.
I must admit though that after a while not watching the film, but re-listening to the soundtrack, the film did get boring in places.

Overall: 8/10
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