Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Next Three Days

14th January : The Next Three Days

A husband's mission to to what is neccessary to reunite himself with his wife who was arressted for murder.

So finally got to see this film, as last time was punished to watch Season Of The Witch. Worth the wait. Russell Crowe and Elizabeth Banks deliver really good performances as the couple, whos lives are torn from each other.
Starts well, but does take a while to get into the meat of the film. There is a scene in the middle where Russell Crowe needs to get more money, that hightens the pace a bit, but is rather slow to get up there, but when it does, it all comes together. The film never tells you his exact plan and you find it out as he's doing it and you are on the dge of your seat thinking what the characters will do next. An awesome film, that leaves you guessing right to the end.

However. One small point: Not enough Liam Nesson. That one scene we see in the trailer, i don't think is enough to have his name on the poster. Although, who doesn't like Liam Nesson? He trained Obi-Wan and Batman. But still not a main character. Instead of Liam, it should have been Olivia Wilde, the sexiest surprise of the movie. Ok she only has a bit more than Neeson, but still, more is more.

Overall: 8/10

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