Saturday, January 15, 2011

Bug's Life

January 15th: A Bug's Life

In order to save his colony, a lone ant has to find stronger insects to help them stand up to the mean grasshoppers.

Now not the first time watching this film, but first as an adult film fan. Definitely holds up. There's also a lot you don't appreciate as a child watching an animated movie. It's only just become apparent to me the voice talent in this movie, mainly Kevin Spacey as the grasshopper leader: ah-mazing. Dennis Leary as the Ladybug. Robert Garret as Dim. David Hyde Pierce as Slim the stick insect and I think but i'll have to look it up, that the voice of Flick, Dave Foley, is the voice of Yes Man from Fallout New Vegas. (i googled it, and he is).
The animation still holds I think, there are a few background bits, and pre-finding nemo, water wasn't Pixar's strong point, but all in all a good trip down memory lane and worth a revisit.
Not quite as "lol" as Up, but I hadn't seen Up before. I used to watch this a lot on vhs

Overall: 7/10
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