Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Finding Nemo

25th January: Finding Nemo

When a Fathers son is kidnapped and taken to Australia, the father must travel to rescue him. Oh and their fish.

There is a definite increase in quality each time Pixar release a film. Now baring in mind that they started with Toy Story which is just an awesome achievement in film history. It was in a documentary somewhere that Pixar has learnt from each film and Water effects are defiantly what they got right in Finding Nemo. The human models aren't as refined as other films, but all the fish, surroundings, water and reflections are all spot on.
Now as far as cast goes (still using my 'no bad voice in an animated film' rule) I can only freely guess a few: Ellen DeGeneres as Dory, Brad Garrat as Blow, Willem Defoe as Gill and Geoffrey Rush as Nigel the Pelican. But still, all good.
There really isn't much to fault with this movie.
The story flows perfectly, the characters are all awesome, there are some "lol" moments e.g:*mine* and all in all just a good heart filled movie. There isn't a villain in Nemo which probably helps the story along, the simple goal of re-uniting s father with his lost son.

Overall: 9/10
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