Monday, January 24, 2011

Monsters Inc

22nd January: Monsters Inc

Monsters need children's screams to power their world and when a child enters their world, its up to two monsters to save it.

Again, not my first viewing of Disney Pixar's Monsters Inc and I don't think this it needs much reviewing but here goes:
John Goodman and Billy Crystal voice the two main monsters and they bring their respective characters to life. I love their relationship, and love Billy's quick fast talking dialogue to John's slower, deeper dialogue. Disney have a habit of casting 2 main star voices that work well together: Tom Hanks and Tim Allan being the main other.
Obviously Disney Pixar again, so the animation is top notch. Even now on dvd it stands up: Sully's Fur a prime example of the graphical awesomeness of this movie.
I can't recall any stand out supporting voice actors (baring in mind I'm reviewing 2 days after I watched it) but I don't think any voice actor can do a bad voice in an animated movie.

Overall: 8/10
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