Monday, January 31, 2011

Hang Em High

30th January: Hang Em High

An innocent man is hung for a crime he didn't commit. After he survives, he joins the local law enforcement and tracks down those responsible.

So a nice break from Pixar films I think. I got this film with the Dollars trilogy and never got round to watching it. Now with my western standards set high from the dollars trilogy, this film is just Ok. Clint Eastwood's performance was ok, and as with the character, he was a little less impressive than The Man With No Name. The character was just a farm guy who happened to get caught in the proceedings, where as TMWNN is an awesome badass, whos the best shot in the land.
The story is pretty solid, just with not as many stand out awesome scenes.
So not as good as the Dollars trilogy, but worth a watch after you've seen them

Overall: 7/10
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