Monday, January 10, 2011

Season Of The Witch

January 8th - Season Of The Witch

Admitidly, only saw this movie because we couldn't get the times right for The Next Three Days.

Nic Cage and Ron Pearlman play traitorous warriors and are charged with a final misson of seeing a captured witch to trail.

Now the actors themselves i thought were pretty good in this movie. Ron Pearlman throwing the occasional witty remark and Nicolas Cage on usual form. The rest of the cast were also good.

However, the story was a bit flat. A simple trek from a-b with a finale battle (kinda what LOTR should have been) Sure there are a few stops along the way and they meet a few crazy characters (Snatch's Stephen Graham) but not a lot else happened.

My biggest gripe with this movie, and a few people may disagree with this, but it was how dark the film was. I dont mean in a satanic way, in the luminosity way. Now it mught have been the screen i saw it on, or that the film is all set at night, in woods or castles, but some parts i just thought needed more brightness.

Also not really an official point but, was dissapointed in the non-existance of the song: Season Of The Witch by Donovan

Overall: 5/10

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