Thursday, January 20, 2011

Resident Evil Afterlife

January 20th: Resident Evil Afterlife

The fourth film in the saga. Project Alice is back and wants revenge on the Umbrella Corporation. Together her and a ragtag group of survives head to the their ony chance of survival: Arcadia.

Second time watching this movie, I saw it in 3D in the cinema and was the first of the saga i had watched I came out of the cinema and instanly amazon'ed the other 3. Now on it's second viewing, nothing has changed.
I think this movie is the best of the lot. I like them all, especially the third one, but this is the best. I watched it on Bluray and it works. All the CGI looks sweet, the characters, the zombies, the explosions, the fights: everything.
To say that the movie is only an hour and half, it packs a lot in. There is no down point where they rest somewhere, its action for 90 mins straight.From Toxyo, to Alaska to L.A. Apart from Milla Jovovich, i didn't recognise the other actors, but there was no weak performance. Also on a side note: Alice, Claire and K-Mart = SCHWING (If you are unsure of this reference, go youtube it or rewatch Wayne's World)
Now not having a 3D TV i didnt watch it in 3D but i did at the cinema and if it's any good, it'll be ah-mazing. I believe they used the same cameras James Cameron did for "Avatar" so they say it all.: SWEET.
Now i have never played the games, but i'm informed by the featurettes that this movie is maily based on the 5th game. It shows quite a few cut scenes that are in-game that they have re-reated for the screen. Not played the game and i still thought they were sweet sequences.

If I have to fault this movie, (Possible Spoiler??) its the short amount of time that the Axe Man is involved. He is the most badass of the undead. 8 foot tall and equipped with a giant axe-mallet. He's in one fight and dies. I wanted more from him. Either the fight to have been longer, or for him to have shown up at the end.
I wouldn't have minded if this film was longer aswell. I could still have loved this movie if it had been 120 maybe even 150 mins long.

Overall: 9/10

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