Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Three Amigos

Three Amigos

When three actors are fired their last hope comes from Mexico, from a woman who thinks their characters are real and she needs help.

A dated film that is directly split in half in quality.


Before I get into the cast I wanted to write this. I think this film is literally split into two films. The first is good and the second not so. The scene when Steve Martin is shot and discovers that everything is real and not an acting job is when it splits. The first is a comedy that doesn’t go over the top and stays on focus. The second is way over the top and more zany than funny.

Cast: Chevy Chase, Steve Martin and Martin Short play the three amigos. They hold a solid performance throughout the film despite my initial review. They are funny and they do work well together. I was excited to see that Jon Lovitz is mentioned as a cast member, however he has one line and that’s it. I wanted more but the character was wrong for more. The rest of the supporting cast were good, nothing overly bad from them.

Ok more detail I think. Ok when the story turns to singing bushes and invisible men, it goes down hill. The biggest problem I have is that, I get there is supposed to be rebirth in these characters when they decide to attack the banditos but three actors don’t just randomly decide they know how to actually fire a gun or fire a gun well enough to succeed in the movie. There is a scene where the banditos burn down and destroy a town. Then at the end of the film, the next day in movie time, the town is rebuilt and everything is fine. There is one point when Chevy Chase is dressed in disguise. One moment he has his bandito outfit on, then next scene without moving he has his Amigo suit on.

It’s silly, but I still kind of enjoyed the film. It’s just accepting that it is 25 years old.

Recommend: Yes, but don’t have your expectations set too high.

Overall: 6/10

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