Friday, July 1, 2011

Bad Teacher

Bad Teacher

When a gold-digging teacher is dumped she starts searching for a new rich boyfriend.

Bad Santa meets School Of Rock, just not as funny.

Cameron Diaz in the lead is very level in this film. She’s funny, but not too funny, she gives a good performance, but not great, her only factor that she excels in is the attractive factor. The main plot line of the film (its in the trailer) is that she wants a bigger bust, and the one she already has is more than enough in my opnion. Jason Segal has now reached a level of awesome that in future if he is in a cast I want to see the film (yes this includes The Muppets). In this he is on top form and the funniest member of the cast. Now he was terrible in The Social Network, terrible in Black Snake Moan, terrible in Southland Tales and he’s terrible in this. Justin Timberlake is annoying, he isn’t funny and he’s just trying too hard. He can’t sing RNB/Rap and this film proves he can’t sing acoustic, how is this guy getting acting roles? I just don’t know. Now the high of sexy in this flick is Lucy Punch. Never heard of her before this film, but she apparently warrants a re-watch of Hot Fuzz. She played her character so well. She was funny, she was a good antagonist and she was really sexy. I always think Thomas Lennon is funny in films and even though he only has a small role here, he’s still really good and really funny.

It isn’t always funny, some times the jokes are weird rather than funny, but most of the time it’s an alright comedy. The majority of the cast is on the ball and the story flows well. There isn’t really a peak in the movie. Unlike The Hangover which doesn’t peak, but is non-stop funny throughout the movie, this is a straight line of just OK. Unfortunately it takes until the end of the film for the funniest line, a PE Teacher saying “hold my balls” of all things.

Recommend: If nothing else is on, sure.
Overall: 6/10

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