Monday, July 4, 2011

Larry Crowne

Larry Crowne

When a Navy vet is made redundant because he never went to collage, he decides to get him some knowledge.

Hanks and Trek fans will love; otherwise it’s just a nice simple comedy.

It is not in my DNA to dislike anything Tom Hanks does these days; he just is simply, in my opinion, the greatest working actor at this time. So I’ll go into a rant of how awesome he was, but the fact that he stars and directed this flick adds to points to him. Julia Roberts plays opposite him, now I'm not saying she is Emma Stone, but she still kind of has a hot thing going on. She was good and even though I can’t say I have seen many films of hers, (other than Ocean’s trilogy) she gave a really good performance. Notable supporting nods go to Mr Sulu himself, George Takai, since becoming a trekkie, it’s awesome seeing any Trek cast member in other roles. Cedric The Entertainer was alright, his character wasn’t really explored much, but he was ok. Now a lot of the other supporting cast I don’t know by name, but no-one was bad.

This film is very predictable, this film has not a lot of originality, but it still manages to keep me liking it and wanting more. This might just be my man-crush on Hanks and Takai, but I still liked it. The comedy in this film is very good. It’s not as joke per minute as films like The Hangover; it’s more subtle and sophisticated humour than slapstick or in your face vulgar. Now speaking/typing as a Star Trek fan, I think most fans get a little excited to see references to the culture and what not in other films. Throughout the film, the purpose of Hank’s character’s course is about speaking, so there are several little monologues from characters in the class. One stood out as he stands in full Scientific federation uniform (blue) and states the opinions of the different series of Star Trek. There is plenty of comedy throughout the film and the underneath rom-com-ness isn’t too bad for 3 21 year old students to still be laughing throughout.

Recommend: Yes

Overall: 8/10

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