Saturday, July 30, 2011

Captain America

Captain America

When he is told he cannot serve his country, Steve Rogers is given a chance to take part in an experiment that will change him for the greater good.

Pre-watching this movie I had my doubts, the trailer wasn't that stand out ish and I wasn't sold on the idea, but its Marvel and The Avengers so im down. Now having seen the film I take all that doubt back. The film delivers. Its another example that Marvel know how to make decent comic movies. Apart from Batman, DC don't have the best track record and Spiderman is Marvel's only weak link at the moment. Anyway back to Cap.America.

Chris Evans is great. He has the awe of the character, he brings a level of comedy and emotion. That and he's ripped like hell. The rest of the cast were just as top notch: Stanley Tucci I love and he's awesome. Tommy Lee Jones definitely looked older but he still sounds the same which adds comedic value to a lot of his lines. It sempt like Hugo Weaving graduated from Eric Bana's school of accents, but for the most part was an adequate villian. This also marks, I think, the first role I've liked Dominic Cooper in as Howard Stark. No weak links in the cast.

The film starts slow whilst explaining Steve's background and determination, but as soon as they plug him in its all go. Some very good action scenes and very good uses of the shield. Being a comic book movie, there are several cheesy but funny moments too (including Tommy Lee Jones refusing to kiss the Captain goodbye).


The one area I wanted more was his team. In the movie he frees some POWs and they become his personal team. We are briefly introduced to them in one bar scene. I would have liked more, in fact im not sure any of them were mentioned by name. The end is a perfect lead into The Avengers and the scene at the end of the credits is a full teaser trailer for the movie too.

Recommend: hell yes.
Overall: 9.5
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