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Disney's take on the classic tale of Rapunzel, a young girl who has long magical hair, and a shrouded past.

Now I was pestered into watching this movie by Rachael, a friend at work and Iv put off watching it for a while now as Star Trek was always an easier option to watch. Its now that i wish i hadn't and had seen this film sooner.

Its a beautiful recapturing of classic Disney. The art work is beautiful from the get go, it might be cgi but it has all the classic look from the Disney films of my childhood (Lion King, Robin Hood, Hercules) that recent Disney films have lacked (Bolt, Chicken Little). All the voice cast sounded right, but the only voice i could pick out and asign to was Brad Garrett. This film also brings back Disney's musical talents and is filled with songs that tell plot points and emotions throughout the film and are all catchy and fun. Now i watching this film with two of my other friends and the humour of the film transfers to three kids in our early twenties. The biggest laughs were without a doubt all down to Maximus the horse. My favourite character by far, second only to the chameleon. Curiously both these characters not having voices, which for a disney film a curious choice, but one that pays off in bucket loads. The physical comedy of the horse and the facial expressions of the chameleon are fantasic.

Recommend: Yes, it is still a Disney film, but no less fun.
Overall: 8/10

EDIT: Just re-listened to the soundtrack and i can also tell that Jeffrey Tabor aswell as Brad Garett, is one of the pirates in the bar.
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