Saturday, August 27, 2011

Cowboys and Aliens

Cowboys and Aliens

Just as the title says, a spaceship interrupts life in a western and starts stealing people and its up to a rag tag group to rescue them.

My quick review of this film was: “A good western film with an average scifi sub-plot”. This is primarily a western with a scifi element.

Harrison Ford, always a pleasure to see in films, he was very good in this film, a little “Ralph Garman- Esqmumble at the beginning, but got better. His character however was a let down. He is opened as the bad guy of the town, the mob boss as it were and yet 20mins into the film aliens arrive and suddenly he’s fighting for the greater good of getting the aliens. It seemed a little weird that he did that. Daniel Craig’s mysterious Jake the outlaw has the right motive to get the aliens to find out about the contraption on his arm (which eventually is just a big “I win” button in the end) It’s also like he watched Clint Eastwood do the Dollars trilogy before doing that and decided to do his Man With No Name Who Gets Named In The First Thirty Minutes. I like Olivia Wilde and her character was a twist I didn’t see coming. Sam Rockwell also on top form.

The aliens themselves were a little generic. Not quite generic with ET and Paul, but more Alien meets Predator with two extra little T-Rex eating arms.

Recommend: If there is nothing else or its like £5 on DVD sure

Overall: 7/10

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