Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Inbetweeners Movie

The Inbetweeners Movie

Carrying on from Season 3 of the TV show the lads have finished collage/6th form and go on a holiday before they have to go to uni. It’s then hilarity in the sun for the whole week.

Loved it. The plot is rather simple and obvious but they pull it off and its so funny. I loved the inclusion of Will’s dad, in the form of Anthony Head (real life father to the actress who plays Carley) There was also a really big camera moment, usually in films that its through a really big tense scene, but in this it just swooped through an estate in the burbs: I liked it. There was a nice short opening with them pre-holiday and nice moment to see all the original actors who play their parents. Then the jokes are just one after another when they get to Malia. I’m not going to list off all my favourite funny points, but from sun creme drawings to “stylish” dance moves it’s a hysterical movie.

I do have two gripes with the film though. The female nudity to male nudity was a little swinging in the wrong direction, for me personally, they were funny moments, but it did seem every 10mins in the film, there was a penis or some form of excessive male nudity going on. The second is that the character of Simon’s sub plot seemed too over the top. Even if he is still infatuated over his ex, there some times that just seemed over the top.

Definitely contender for funniest movie of the year.

Recommend: Yes, but better to have seen the all three seasons of the TV show first, but not essential.

Overall: 9.5/10


  1. Is this a man who wrote this review? By the sounds of it it must be because it could only be a man who has a gripe and moan about the male nudity out weighing the female nudity. Myself personally, I don't care for either male or female nudity, I believe that a good film wouldn't and shouldn't need any nudity or sex scenes etc, but I think its fantastic that this film has plenty of male nudity... its about time men got a taste and feel for how women have to put up with all the female nudity everywhere today. All we see on films and tv programmes is female nudity and very rarely male nudity. Typical that a man/men would moan about one of the rare films that evens the field a little! If it was female nudity you would be lapping it up! Hypocrites, sad and pathetic... welcome to the world women have been in for many years! Let's hope more films are made to even it up even more!

  2. First anonymous wanna say "EEEP" my first comment from a non-friend :-) :-) uber happy

    Second it saddens me that your comment is not one of positive light. I sincerly apologise on behalf of myself and the rest of the hetero male crowd for our dislike of our own sexual organs, however, my reviews have always been about my own personal, informal opinion, rather than that of a fair unbiased opinion. However again, i will take what you have said to heart and try to remember that it's not just me that reads these and in future attempt to cater my reviews to a non-gender specific audience....but no promises ;-)