Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Guard

The Guard

When a local murder is part of an FBI drug bust, a big shot agent must team up with the local slacker officer in order to solve the case.

I don't think there is much that Brendan Gleeson has done that I haven't enjoyed in some way. This is no exception. He takes the lead role as Boyle: the slacker member of the Irish Guard. In typical film style the slacker also turns out to be quite intelligent just lazy. Gleeson is fantastic, he's got perfect comedy timing and he's perfect for the lead. Don Cheadle, still good in his own way, but easily shadowed in every scene by Gleeson. Bringing up the supporting cast includes Mark Strong. He went from a terrible big budget blockbuster(Green Lantern) to this; a fantastic little film. He brings the British element to the Irish vs American bit.

The film itself is a little slow, but for the content of the film it all makes sense. What redeems it is all the witty humour that's used. So many one liners that left me in stitches at times.
The only critisicm i'll make is that with all the thick irish accents in the film it is a little hard to hear some of the standard dialogue at times. Oh and not to ruin it, but the half cliffhanger ending should have either been full cliffhanger or just explained.

Recommend: definitely!
Overall: 9/10
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