Thursday, September 1, 2011

Last Action Hero

Last Action Hero

When a little boy who is a giant fanatic is given a magic ticket into the movies he must help save the day with his favourite movie character.

I really liked this movie. Another recommendation (this time my friend Kent) and after I loved Tangled, I think my friends really understand my movie tastes. Schwarzenegger gets a bad rep in my film collection as the worst of all the Batman villains, but in this he is awesome. He plays the action hero known as Jack Ryder, who is the lead in a series of movies based around Die Hard meets Beverly Hills Cop meets The Terminator. Arnie is awesome throughout the film and proves that he is best suited to action heroes than he is a super-villain. Just as the title would suggest the film is filled with action sequences, explosions and cheesy one liners. I loved the 4th act of the film in which the characters go through to the “real world” and there is a fantastic moment when the villain, Benedict played by Charles Dance, who is fantastic as the sarcastic evil British genius (aren’t we all?), anyway he is in the real world notices that not all crimes are given justice and decides to try his look by murdering a man, only to shout out that he did it, to no response from the law. My favourite scene in the entire film. Other supporting cast to look out for include Danny DeVito as the voice of Jack’s animated friend Whiskers the Cat and Sir Ian McKellen as death.
The film is funny, witty and full of action there is nothing to not like. Except that it can be too cheesy in places, but for an 90’s movie not that bad.

Recommend: Yes, and definitely worth a re-watch if you have seen it before.
Overall: 8/10

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